We offer the following options as part of our cake selection process:

Flavors: White cake, Chocolate cake, Butter Crème cake, Cheese cake, Marble cake, Spice cake, Italian Crème cake, Almond cake, Coconut cake Poppy seed cake, Banana cake, Sour Cherry cake, Raspberry cake, Lemon cake, Carrot cake, Strawberry Short cake, Mousse cake, Mango cake and Cappuccino Truffle Torte.

Fillings: Praline, Mocha, Cannolis filling, Cream Cheese, Bavarian Crème, Fudge, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mouse, Chocolate Ganache, Butter Cream, Whipped Cream and Natural Preserves.

Frosting: Vanilla Rolled Fondant, Tinted Vanilla Fondant, Chocolate Rolled Fondant, Vanilla, Butter Crème and Custom Tinted Vanilla Butter Crème.